On May 10, 2019, iProsperity officially signed a strategic co-operation agreement with “KUR-World Ecotourism Resort Center” in the Cairns region of Australia. This marks another substantial step for iProsperity towards it’s expansion of investments within the Australian tourism industry.



Regarding the strategic partnership with KUR-World Ecotourism Resort Center, Mr. Michael Gu, CEO and founder said “The co-operation between iProsperity and KUR-World will focus on the field of luxury experiential accommodation. iProsperity will utilise it’s rich experience in the Australian hotel industry to complement and cooperate with KUR-World. Simultaneously, this investment will be combined with iProsperity’s existing Australian high-yield return hotel portfolio to deal with the changing commercial property environment”.



KUR-World, a large integrated resort in the Kurunda tropical rainforest of Cairns, Australia, is a world-class low-density eco-tourism resort located on approx 630 hectares. KUR-World integrates the existing tropical rainforest and Australian pastoral natural resources, providing a unique opportunity for tourists to experience.



The project is planned to be completed by 2025, with the first phase of “KUR Cow” now open. It combines the Australian tropical rainforest and cultural experience within five themed scenic spots. This has resulted in an exciting experience combining a leading “wagyu” culture and outdoor sporting complex area.



Mr. Ken Lee, Chairman of KUR World, mentioned at the signing ceremony “In order to minimise the impact of tourism on Australia’s local environment, KUR World has utilised it’s inherent advantages, integrating existing tropical rainforest resources, without over-exploitation, remaining committed to the original landscape and transforming the project into a comprehensive low-density eco-tourism brand with Australian characteristics”.